Comparative PhotoSurvey Inspections Speak Volumes


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Compare reality

vs bid drawing scope

Comparative PhotoSurvey™ inspections speak volumes.

  1.    Track deterioration over time

  2.    Compare the actual building to drawings side-by-side online by clicking on the center image in the top row. 

  3.   Inspect the quality or repair or restoration work against the initial condition 

Complete or review site survey work online or view blueprints online.  Verify blueprint scope against actual existing conditions.  Plan work, and if multiple time series PhotoSurveys are taken, check progress of work completed or inspect quality.  Monitor continuing decay or building movement using a long-term time series of PhotoSurveys.  PhotoSurveys can help you meet local facade inspection ordinances and laws, complete condition assessments and document existing conditions. 


Before and After

Restoration Comparison

Comparative Inspections and Time-Based Surveys

Before & After Cleaning

Deterioration Over Time