Mural of Ascension - Church Of The Ascension Pittsburgh

Existing Condition Survey 2008

This is a medium-high resolution PhotoSurvey example for inspection of the wall and woodwork surrounding this mural at Church Of The Ascension, Pittsburgh, PA.  This survey was taken from ground level.  High Resolution surveys as well as side-by-side time series showing on going deterioration or before and after restoration or repair are possible. 

This image was produced using HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographic techniques using only the natural lighting available in the church used the mural lighting.  It was taken in order to view the woodwork, not the mural.  No attempt was made to color correct or modify the exposure on the mural areas. Despite this the mural colors are quite good in most areas. Due to the compression from 32 to 8 bits for web viewing the woodwork has lost its color pop.  

The documentation very clearly allows the viewer to examine what otherwise would be deep shadow areas in the woodwork. 

The Memorials Committee reviewed a plan or sketch of the “Ascension” which the family of the late Reuben Miller, friend and benefactor since the church’s inception until his death, wished to have placed above the reredos and fill the remaining part of the rear chancel wall.  The design was presented by the [Joseph R.] Lamb Studios received unqualified approval.  The great mural of the Ascension that dominates the church was painted in oil on canvas and placed in its present position in March, 1918.  Van Trump discovered that the painting was conceived and executed by Frederick Stymetz Lamb, one of the really great religious muralists of his day.   This is the second largest wall painting devoted to this theme in the United States.   The prototype and larger version of which is the famed mural executed in 1888 by the noted American painter John LaFarge for the Church of the Ascension on lower Fifth Avenue in New York.  ---extract from church history by Marilyn Whitmore PhD